5 Tips for Having an Awe-Worthy Website

TeamJEMSU, March 17, 2015
  1. 2Contact Information & Phone Number Prominently Displayed:

As surprising as it may seem, many websites do not have the business’ contact information prominently displayed on the homepage or, even worse, in the top header bar of the site. It is important that the phone number is clickable for mobile browsers, as well as having the information well above the fold, so visitors do not have to scroll down or click through multiple pages to find out how to contact your business.

Having a clickable (HTML text) phone number also aids in phone tracking, whereas an image of a phone number cannot change dynamically on site with the addition of tracking code.

Be sure to never bundle your contact information in with your logo as a single file, since a person who clicks on your logo will be taken back to the homepage, instead of prompted to call or email your business.

  1. Mobile Responsive:

As smartphones grow more popular it is very important that your website gets optimized for mobile users. Mobile sites are very user-friendly, easier to browse, search and load. You don’t have to worry about a visitor leaving your site because it doesn’t work well on their device. With the upcoming algorithm Google will be tougher on websites that are not responsive. It is now more important than ever to update your site.

  1. Optimize for SEO – Title tag and Meta:

Creating a proper title tag is one of the very first things we do when a new client signs on for SEO services.  Title tags, as well as meta-descriptions, help interpret the content on your website’s pages to search engines and people navigating your site.  Once a title tag is decided on, you’ll be able to come up with a list of primary keywords based on search volume and relevancy. This will ultimately help with conversions since your page will be optimized and aligned correctly (Google finds this very important!).

  1. Contact Forms Above the Fold:

When building a user-friendly website you should always consider what you want people to do when they come to your site. 100% of the time you want them to convert into customers. Having an easy to fill out contact form, that is not too lengthy, will increase your chance of a consumer filling one out. You always want it to be above the fold, meaning located near the top of the page before people have to scroll. This gives clients a chance to immediately be aware of the contact form, and even if they leave the home page to browse elsewhere, they can easily come back to it. It is not necessary to have the contact form be flashy, but it is necessary to have it remain intact with the styling of the site. Contact forms that are obstructive, flamboyant, and require more than 5 minutes of someone’s time will deflect people from filling them out. In the worst case scenario, it could even convince them to leave the site altogether.

  1. Using Analytics:

Analytics is a valuable tool to evaluate traffic behavior on your website. There are many reports, tools and settings that you can use all by installing a simple tracking code. To start simply, just using Audience Overview can provide quite a bit of insight. For example, Bounce Rate is one of the most important mediums to use for tracking successful conversions. If you find that you have an extremely high bounce rate (meaning people come to the site and leave very quickly) it might be time to take a look at your site overall and make sure you are attracting the right kinds of traffic.  To dive in a little deeper, take a look at how much time the average person spends on the page, compare these to various pages on the website. If people spend over 2 minutes on the homepage, but only 15 seconds on the Contact Us page, there might be an issue with how it is setup. Finally, depending on your site, you can also set up conversion tracking and goals. You can track the behavioral patterns of people and how they convert. Analytics is one of the easiest (and free!) ways to make sure you are monitoring your site’s traffic behavior.

For more tips and to create a website that will make your customers swoon and your competition in the dust, contact the experts at JEMSU today!

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