5 Things Your Website Doesn't Have & How It's Hurting You

Julian Pawley, June 29, 2018

Take a look at your website. You know what’s on it. But what is it missing? You can only answer this rhetorical question by exploring the components that work for other websites. In this post, we will explore some of the most compelling aspects of web design for you to consider. Then you can think about which ones might be just the perfect piece of the puzzle for your website.

Below are five of the critical aspects of a successful website. Take a look at each of these and decide how you can incorporate each into your web design and content.

  1. Connecting with your customer’s problem — Whether you are a blogger or a multi-million-dollar eCommerce web owner, if you don’t include this vital aspect on your website, you are missing out on the most important reason people purchase. Customers want to know that you can solve their problem. The entire sales process begins with introducing a problem that the customer has and then presenting a way to resolve it. People love solutions. Remember, if you don’t offer a solution, your competition will!
  2. Offering proof of your solution’s worth — Once you have submitted the problem that resonates with your target customer, you now need to show evidence of your solution’s quality. Remember that your competitors will also offer a solution to your customers’ issues, so it’s not enough to have an answer; you need to have a better solution than your competition. In fact, Steve Jobs believed in this so much that he once said, “You don’t have to create anything new. You just have to create a better version of it than your competition.”
  3. Creating value for your customers — There are many ways to create value for your target audience. One way is through your solution, as discussed above. Secondly, you can do this by presenting them with other items such as free eBooks, videos, or free materials that will benefit them somehow. Think deep and consider how you could provide something extra to your potential audience for free to win a customer later!
  4. Gift with purchase — If you want to go a step further with this, consider investing more to include a “gift with purchase.” This tactic has worked for popular retail stores for years. It can work for you, too if you can skillfully do this. For example, put a button at the end of your sales presentation after they purchase that says, “Get my gift!” That can work wonders for your PR and give customers a warm feeling when connecting with your brand. That’s even more important than making a sale.
  5. A compelling call to action — In the now classic movie, Field of Dreams, the overriding theme is, “If you build it, they will come.” While we know there is more to making a site a success than building it, there is some truth in this. However, creating a great site with great UX and UI is only the beginning. If you want customers to take action, you have to tell them what you want them to do. Make sure and include an attractive and compelling “call-to-action” at the end of your presentation. Don’t assume customers will read your mind.

Try these five ideas to put in the missing pieces if you think something is missing from your site. These are not the only things you can try, but it’s a great start.

If you’re not sure how to get started, let us help. JEMSU is a top-notch digital and internet marketing and design company. We love to help our customers reach their goals for their brand.

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