5 Reasons You Can't Overlook the Power of Pay Per Click

Chris Sams, August 28, 2017
There are so many ways to use the Internet to market your company today from social media profiles to high-quality blogs to email newsletters and more. One of the most effective types of online marketing currently is the pay per click (or PPC) ad. When a company uses pay-per-click ads, they only pay for an ad when that ad is actually clicked on. This means that it’s a paid way to bring visitors to your site instead of letting people find it organically. While content marketing is certainly all the rage today, PPC offers certain benefits that make it one of the most powerful digital marketing tactics. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t overlook it when coming up with your marketing scheme.

1. Results are Trackable

One of the best parts about using PPC ads via Google AdWords is that you can see the results of all of the ads thanks to the power of Google Analytics. This means that you can easily see what’s working in your advertising strategy — and what’s not. You can then tweak your efforts in real time, meaning you’re not wasting valuable ad spend on something that isn’t going to pay off.

2. You Set the Budget

Full-on ad campaigns can be expensive, and once you start creating one, you have to spend the money allocated to create, roll out and analyze that campaign. In contrast, when you use PPC ads, you can set a very small budget and see how your campaign performs. If you want to spend more, you can spend more — and if you want to scale back, you can easily do that, too. PPC ads are a great choice if you’re a company that needs to hold the marketing budget reins very tightly.

3. They Help Improve Your SEO

PPC ads help you determine which keywords are popular in your industry and which are bringing people to your site. This can help inform the SEO keywords you choose to use on your website, which can simultaneously boost organic traffic. Kill two birds with one stone.

4. They Target the Right People

A key for marketing today is targeting the right audience. PPC help does that because only people who are actually interested in the service or product you’re selling are going to click your ad. Unbounce reports that PPC visitors are 50 percent more likely to purchase something than organic visitors, which means you’re drawing in the right people who will spend money on your business.

5. They Work

The point of placing ads is that they bring in customers who ultimately buy. A study by Google showed that businesses make $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords. This means plain and simple that PPC works and can help boost your business.

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