5 Great Off-Page SEO Techniques You Need Now!

Chris Sams, September 28, 2016
  1. shutterstock_97048112Great Content

Place content on your business page or website which is interesting and has relevant links. Content including a call to action buttons, reviews, and comment sections draw customers looking for more information. Links to credible sources shows authority and knowledge.

      2. Social Media

An easy and successful technique is to establish a social media presence. Add social media pages to your toolbox of SEO techniques. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ Circles. Link all your social media to your business web pages. Take advantage of ‘Like’. ‘Comment’ and ‘share’ buttons on your social media to draw people to your website and to increase your ranking and search page position.

      3.Create a Blog

Place a blog on your website as a draw for people looking for information. Include good content with quality links. Off-page sites when shared and re-shared increase traffic to your original page. Providing information increases interest and shows credibility and trustworthiness.

     4.Be a Guest

Post and link to your site on a fellow business owner’s blog. Contact colleagues to offer a guest blog in return for their guest blog. Include links to your site. Collaborate with fellow business owners by posting positive comments and reviews on their page or community review sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Invite free advertising by community boards and forums.

   5.Outreach Communication

Develop an email list and send out speculative emails with links to your website, blog, social media sites. Provide special offers, interesting articles and seasonal information in emails to pique interest and drive people to your page.

Using these easy five SEO off-page techniques increases online presence, ranking and higher placement of online searches. On-page SEO is within your control, but off-page SEO is driven outside your immediate control, but you do have off-page SEO techniques and tools to increase traffic and business to your page.

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