5 Essential Areas in Digital Marketing That Help Increase Site Traffic

Chris Sams, June 2, 2016

Digital marketing is all about generating leads, bringing possible clients to your website and converting them to sales. There are all sorts of tactics out there designed to help bring in traffic, but what tips and tricks should you use to truly boost site exposure and traffic? Here are five essential areas in digital marketing you need to follow that will improve your numbers.

Create High Quality Content All the Time

With the in-depth algorithms put forth by search engines, quality content is more important now than ever before. In order to bring in more visitors to your website, you need to provide them quality content. However, you can’t just post insightful material once in a while with filler in between. Everything you post to your website needs to consist of quality content, no matter the topic. If you find the information less than desirable, it is often best to leave it off your site. No reason to drag down the search engine rankings due to a poor blog post.

Mobile is a Must

If you don’t have a mobile friendly version of your website, you’re missing out on significant traffic. More searches are now performed on mobile devices than on traditional desktop/laptop computers. Search engines such as Google now rank mobile websites higher than desktop websites for mobile searches. Implementing a mobile friendly website isn’t difficult, but it goes a long way in driving up website traffic.


If you are not practicing search engine optimization you should be. SEO continually evolves as search engines look to provide the very best search results possible. Producing quality content on a continual basis does help with SEO, but you still need to implement several of these practices to boost your traffic. Everything from keywords to headers, backlinks to the speed of your website all goes into play here. Plus, you can use image and video searches to boost SEO in the other search formats.

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must. It is inexpensive, easy to do and allows you to reach out to hundreds, if not thousands of possible customers all at once. However, you should never just mass send emails with the same, generic information. Make sure all emails are personalized, so even if the main content is the same, it comes off as specifically written for them. The subtle adjustments you make to email marketing helps your content stand out from other email marketers out there.

Social Media

Increasing your online exposure through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts boosts your traffic and allows you to interact with clients from around the world.

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