4 Ways To Keep Up With The Ever-Evolving Industry Of Digital Marketing

Chris Sams, October 26, 2016

Digital marketing and social media marketing are both constantly evolving. What worked one year may not work the next, which is why sticking to the same strategy year in and year out is generally a bad idea. The following are four ways to keep up with the newest digital marketing and social media trends.

1. Work with a digital marketing agency

A good digital marketing agency will have their finger on the pulse of the latest marketing trends. They’ll know what your specific marketing needs are and will keep an eye out for marketing trends that will make an impact on your campaign.

2. Keep track of the competition

Never lose track of what your direct competitors are doing. Keep an eye on their website, their social media presence, and their marketing campaigns. When you see them implement something new, do a little research to see if it’s a trend worth implementing yourself. In a way, your competition also functions as a guinea pig since you can learn what trends will be effective through their trial and error.

3. Follow Marketing Gurus on Social Media

Most self-professed marketing gurus are very active on social media, particularly on Twitter. They tend to share a wealth of information to their followers. You’ll find that some of the most reputable marketing experts on Twitter are authors and have written marketing-based books. A few examples of marketing gurus worth following include:

  • Mari Smith – (@MariSmith) An authority on social media marketing and co-author of several marketing-related books.
  • Pam Moore – (@PamMktgNut) A well-regarded social media influencer who is also a consultant, speaker and author on subjects including social branding and conversion optimization.
  • Rand Fishkin – (@randfish) A former CEO of Moz, speaker and author of several books on inbound marketing.

4. Read up on Marketing Blogs

Finding a good blog and following it is a great way to keep up with what’s new in the industry. The following are a few exceptional blogs to keep an eye on – although you can also find good blogs through recommendations by your Twitter influencers:

These are four ways that you can keep up with all the latest digital marketing and social media trends.

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