4 Myths about WordPress

Chris Sams, June 24, 2015

imgresHere at JEMSU, we love WordPress. It’s simply the most powerful, user-friendly, adaptable platform out there. Yet time and time again, we hear many customers voice hesitation based purely on these myths.

Myth: WordPress is just for blogging.

Truth: WordPress was created as a blogging platform way back in 2003. Since then, it’s evolved into a full and robust content management system (CMS). Nearly a quarter of the top 10 million websites in the world are built on WordPress, including heavy hitters like TechCrunch and CNN. WordPress

Myth: WordPress websites are made with templates.

Truth: Every WordPress website is built using a theme, which shouldn’t be confused with the concept of a template. A good way to understand the concept of a theme is to think of it as a set of building plans for a house. Like a pre-fab house, the most basic (and free) themes won’t give you many choices. Maybe you can choose some of your own colors, but the layouts are predetermined and you can’t customize anything. Pretty much anyone can build a website using a basic WordPress theme, but it’s not going to look very pretty or stand out from the crowd. On the other end of the spectrum, a theme can be custom-created based on anything the designer and developer dream up, just like a fully custom home. Both custom homes and custom websites have a few other things in common, too: They’re unique, beautiful and often expensive.

JEMSU most often builds sites that are a step below fully custom. We use a robust theme that offers tons of customization options, and if there’s not a built-in option for the result we want, we’ll custom design and custom code on top of the theme. This allows us to build beautiful, one-of-a-kind websites without the fully custom price tag. Need more proof to zap the template myth? Check out three websites that we built on the same core theme:

Reefs to Rockies

Fruge Orthodontics

Darby Architects

Myth: WordPress isn’t secure and doesn’t offer support.

Truth: Yes, just like other platforms, sometimes hackers discover vulnerabilities in WordPress. But, those vulnerabilities get fixed at lightening-fast speed. That’s because WordPress is open source, meaning anyone can access the code. There are so many developers working to improve WordPress that they often discover vulnerabilities before hackers do. Software made by companies, on the other hand, can be slow to discover and respond to security threats.

Myth: WordPress is too complicated.

Truth: It’s odd that we hear both of these concerns from potential clients. Similar to the belief that WordPress is still a bare-bones blogging platform, some folks think a WordPress website won’t be able to grow with their business.

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