5 Steps To Starting With Video Marketing

Chris Sams, July 6, 2016

Most experts agree that video marketing has quickly become an essential component of every digital marketing strategy. Not only do consumers have easier access to video content than ever before (whether it’s on their computer, laptop or smartphone), but they are more likely to engage with video content than they are with written content. This means that if you haven’t begun developing a video marketing strategy yet, now is the time. The following are five steps that you should take to begin a video marketing campaign:

  1. Identify your audience – You have to know who your audience is in order to determine what type of video content to create. Knowing your audience will also help guide you in the creative direction of your videos, from the shooting style to the editing style. For example, a younger audience may prefer video content that is more exciting, faster paced video content, whereas an older audience may find such a style to be disorienting and distracting.
  2. Invest in the production – Even though you can make a video on your phone in this day and age, it’s worth investing in video production. The quality of your videos is what’s going to set you apart from the competition. You may even want to consider hiring a video marketing agency to produce your videos. The following are some of the important parts of a high quality video production:
    • HD quality – All videos should be filmed in HD. SD quality video won’t look good on today’s screens.
    • Sound quality – Don’t use in-camera sound – invest in a shotgun mic or lavelier mics to ensure the sound is crisp and easy to hear.
    • Lighting – A lack of lighting is one of the first indicators of an amateur video. Good lighting helps provide depth to your images.
  3. Add calls-to-action – Your videos require a call-to-action just like any other piece of content. Once someone has finished viewing one of your videos, they’re going to need guidance as to what you want them to do next. End the video on a call-to-action that directs them to take an action, whether it’s to watch another video or to click on a link, to name a few options.
  4. Promote your videos – You have to promote your videos if you expect anyone to watch them. You can do this by posting the video to various social media sites, plugging the video in your email newsletters or even using PPC ads to direct traffic to your videos. You should also encourage viewers to share, like and comment on your videos to help increase exposure.
  5. Track the results – There are a number of metrics that you should keep track of and compare in order to determine if you need to make any adjustments. These include:
    • The number of views.
    • The percentage of viewers that watch the entire video.
    • The percentage of viewers that follow your call-to-action.

These are five steps that you should take to implement video marketing into you digital marketing campaign.

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