4 simple basics to keep your website ranking.

TeamJEMSU, February 5, 2013

By now you have really created a great website, and with all these great tools, plugins, and easier code coming out, we have been doing everything under the sun to give it Artificial Intelligence and for it to navigate the Star Trek Voyager.

But, with all of these features, we are starting to forget what the site is all about. Why is it that this site is up? What are people looking for when they come to my site? Our websites have to make sure we cover the basics, information, brand, and user friendliness.

Bringing it Back in Scope

Yeah, your site may look outstanding, but it lacks SEO information, and most importantly, your not converting a thing. To those in SEO, we know that looks don’t mean anything if your organic rating drops, or your analytics shows negative information.

Let’s talk about a couple of common situations that have been overlooked or forgotten by many developers who have become more focusing in adapting, redesigning, and trying to be the “it” type of website for looks.

Think Like Your Customers

Google’s search engine has what most call a semantic relationship with your site. Meaning that they can view things from a variety of different angles and make sense of everything going on in a matter of second. The algorithm will see what relevant content you have, how it’s connected to your other pages, and how your links can verifiable connect with its originality.

Links, permalinks, and content has to be the way your users will search for them. The more acronyms and slang you use in your content could really affect the way you will be converting.

First Time Visitors Navigate Differently

Make sure to place your most important information in the common areas of your site.

If your selling product from multiple locations, make sure you acknowledge it on the main page. In fact, why not make links and so forth and start generating content related to that right from the beginning. As the bots make their rounds to your site, they will see the importance of this and index it accordingly.

The Navigation Nightmare

No one likes to be lost, especially in the cyber world. Make sure to address this issue by making things very clear and labeling correctly..

As much as we want to think as a user we also want to think like a robot. A robot is very organized, accurate, and makes task look easy. Thus, your information should be organized, the accuracy of where to land users should be on point, and the user-friendliness of your website should make it simple for anyone to use.

The Apology Page

404 pages will happen. Human error happens. Life happens..

Highly recommended that you make a custom 404 page apologizing for the error and adding in some basic information. A nice little navigation bar and a couple of links to redirect appropriately. Even a blank page isn’t that bad as long as there is a way out but still being on the site.


While this article didn’t cover everything. It is important to know that staying on top of the little things can really make a huge difference to a site. Make sure you take in to consideration what the user has to go through and what those poo Google bots have to go through. Cause at the end of the day, they are all your buddies … Hopefully!

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