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Chris Sams, February 4, 2013




So by now you own a smartphone, a laptop, and a table, right? Well, if your a gadget geek like myself, then you are finding clever ways to keep track of all your devices. Or maybe you use current applications that need your location information to give you specific information like coupons, discounts, NAP, or most commonly,  navigation directions.  Yes, this is the world of geo-tagging or geo-location.  Big brother looking down upon us and seeing everything and what we are doing. This type of technology is scary, but not to worry, it can be turn off just as quickly as it can be turned on. Luckily that freedom is still there, but don’t be surprised if one day we have t monitored at all times with or without our permission, but that’s another story. Anyways, how does this dark magic work? How do we use it everyday. Let’s take a quick look at these two categories and see what learn:

How Does Geolocation Work?

The Geolocation feature can be accessed through a variety of ways. For example, if your using the web and accessing a website that needs this information, it would be acquired by your IP address. Although this method is still used today, it is not the more accurate and has become a little old fashioned.  Right now the best way to get pin point location is through your GPS chip. These chips can be found in pretty much every smartphone and tablet on the market, and have become such a power piece of hardware that we use almost everyday. Have you checked-in on Facebook FourSquare, or Yelp lateley? If you have, then thank your GPS chip .


Uses for Geolocation

Having an application or site that has the ability to use the Geolocation feature really puts you in a much better position with your users. Allowing for a much better experience and more options to specific targets. Now, let’s see how Geolocation can become a very helpful tool:


Geomarketing is still very new to most in the business, but it can be defined as so:  “The integration of geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing, including sales and distribution.”

Geo marketing as a word has been around for a while, as most use the word in traditional marketing, but now it is used in a whole new way. Twitter, Facebook, and many others use Geo marketing by using the users IP address and/or GPS chip to gather specific information related to the users likes and dislikes based on his/her geographical location. Google is definitely a big fan of this technology as it incorporates it into its algorithm for its users to really define their search results.

Crowd Sourcing

This geolocation has also benefited many others outside the marketing world. People in the creative fields have seen advantages to leveraging this technology. People who saw an opportunity to reach a large number of individuals in a state, city, neighborhood have used this technology to organize large events and promotions. How bout finding people for your next flash mob? Yep, it can happen!

We have seen this technology really help out those in need. Large campaigns like Haiti Eerthquake, devastation in the East Coast, KONY 2012. Large campaigns and fundraisers have been used by social media outlets using Geolocation to attract people to support the cause.

Targeted Offers

If you browse your phones application store, you will notice a large spike in “offer” apps. One of the biggest “offer” applications is Groupon and LivingSocial. Groupon & LivingSocial offers deals, discounts, and so forth on a national level, but more specifically it gives you offers right in your own city. Of course, careful marketing goes into each Ad, but with Ads appearing at the right time & right place, we see that “offer” applications are all the rage these days.

This is a wholesalers dream, sell in discounted bulk, and of course in mass quantities. Groupon knows that proper Geo location offers is their bread and butter. Offering great deal at the right price is great, but having them appeal to the locals with local offers makes it a machine of modern marketing.

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