The Importance of News Releases To Your Website or Blog

Chris Sams, January 16, 2013

As important as anything else in SEO is there is always something else you gotta worry about doing. News releases have been another big step in SEO. Whether it be on your website, your blog, or just an article, writing about the new things happening is always a very important tool keep the keywords and phrases that you get searched for on Google still pointing back to you.

Here are 4 reasons to publish optimized news releases:
1. As know, Google indexes all your pages.  Try to increase the amount by adding as many as possible. You want to make sure that you sitemap everything and keep Google up to date of any changes. The more pages indexed the better chance you have of getting all your links noticed and visible.

2. Another key feature to newsroom type articles is to diversify. Attack big news and small news from a bunch of different angles. The more tactics you have in this strategy the better chance you will have to be noticed in a variety of places.

3. With that said, while you do this also make articles that talk about your other articles. For example, you just made a news article about something new happening in your company, now make another article talking about how you are excited about this article you read about how this company has new features or products or so forth. Blow your own horn as they might say.

4. Once you have a steady motion on managing this content, share it with the world and use helpful products like RSS feeders along the way. Get about 6 or 7 articles a month and maintain consistency.


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