3 Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

Chris Sams, December 16, 2014

Web-Design-IdeasWe’re fond of saying that your business’ website is more important than your physical location in gaining new customers. Think about that for a moment. How much do you spend each month maintaining and upgrading the physical location of your business? Chances are, it’s a pretty penny, but if potential customers are turned off by your digital presence, they’re never going to see you in person.

Who we are on the web increasingly is who we are in the minds of customers. Disorganized website? Customers assume your service is similarly disorganized or simply have no patience to try and find what they’re looking for. Outdated design? Customers think your product is probably outdated, too.

If you suspect your website isn’t representing your business as well as it could, it probably isn’t. Investing in a new website can be a small cost in comparison to the new business it generates. Here are three signs your business needs a new website:

1. Your current website isn’t responsive

It’s official: More people use mobile devices to access the Internet than desktop and laptop computers combined. That’s right. Your customers are searching for and evaluating you on their phones and tablets, and if your website doesn’t display well on their devices, they are gone. Bottom line: If your website doesn’t adapt to the screen size of each customer, you are losing business.

2. Your traffic is up but your revenue isn’t

Maybe you’re paying for SEO. Maybe you just have great organic rankings. Either way, if you rank high on Google but aren’t reaping any benefits, it’s a safe bet that visitors are coming to your website but aren’t becoming customers. The most common reasons for this are that people can’t find what they’re looking for or they are turned off by the design and/or content. If you have a clean, modern website with straightforward navigation and helpful content that clearly represents your business and brand, your website visitors are much more likely to convert. If your website is lacking any of these elements, they will move on to your competitor’s website — and become your competitor’s customer.

3. Updating your website is a massive headache

A successful business is always changing, adapting and growing. Your website must be nimble enough to do the same. One broken image on your home page or one piece of outdated information can cause a visitor to go elsewhere — especially if a competitor’s website makes a better impression. If you’re paying a developer to make minor changes or you’re frustrated because you can’t easily make updates to your website yourself, it’s time to consider building a new website on a better, more user-friendly platform. Several popular platforms, such as WordPress, are simple enough that even folks with no knowledge of code can make text and image changes.

In the big picture of what you do to promote your business, investing in your website can be relatively low cost and high reward. We regularly see clients’ website conversion rates skyrocket after a redesign. The reality is, an appealing website is not an option for businesses that want to thrive in the digital age. It’s a necessity.

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