2013: The Year of Video Marketing

Chris Sams, February 15, 2013

Welcome to 2013! What a year we walked into. Two months into the new year, and JEMSU knows what you want to watch: Internet video. Why? Because this year, video will impact your business and your website in ways that deliver analytics and measurement.

Video is the perfect technology for executive training, product demonstration, company testimonials and holding a face-to-face conversation between people in two different locations. Google excels at creating training videos that help you solve a specific problem in common search queries. Companies are starting to require video conversations and video submissions during the interview process. A standard smart phone has the potential to create a quick video and send it off in minutes. But your business does not want to be represented poorly, and your business is interested in tracking results.

Here’s where JEMSU can help.

Because (Video) Content is King and Video Analytics can show measurement, JEMSU wants to show you how this data will help track and convert potential clients into current clients. We have the ability to produce professional relevant video content in weeks, and develop your website to incorporate videos to sell your business. More importantly, the videos we produce can have an effect on conversion, SEO ranking and your sales. These are three important reasons to give us a call or stop in our Lakewood office for a brief demonstration. Welcome to the year of video.


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