12 Tips For Digital Marketing Success From The Adobe Summit 2017

Chris Sams, May 4, 2017

The annual Adobe Summit is the largest digital marketing conference there is, and this year’s March event was the outstanding, star-studded show everyone’s come to expect.  With speakers like Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning and SNL’s Kate McKinnon, who were joined by musical acts Death Cab for Cutie and OneRepublic, the summit did not disappoint.

There were networking events galore and lots of tips for attendees on mapping out their digital marketing success for the coming year.

  1. Customers are demanding more from their favorites brands, but are giving them less time to deliver. Personalization, along with providing relevant and specific content, is how to meet this challenge.
  2. Developing useful experiences is incredibly important in a fast-paced society and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) makes it easy to manage content and assets.
  3. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told attendees “preserving the status quo is no longer a strategy.” Brands need to embrace innovation as a core value.
  4. Reaching out to customers in a common language across all channels keeps you attached to your base.
  5. There’s a real need to become more sophisticated with today’s digital tools that deal with optimization, implementation, and education.
  6. There’s no one vendor who can give marketers everything they need. You’ll need to work with multiple partners to get the right insights, analytics, and tools.
  7. Take a cue from insights-driven companies like Amazon and beef up your data collecting technology. Experts predict it will be imperative to be fully insights-driven by 2020.
  8. Don’t confuse mobile apps with mobile websites. They serve entirely different purposes. Mobile apps are recommended to engage customers and improve customer service, while a mobile website helps you reach new and existing customers.
  9. Email marketing remains highly relevant. It still tops the list of marketing channels, ahead of even social media platforms. Email lets you communicate directly with your subscribers, whereas social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram act as gatekeepers between you and your customers.
  10. Content marketing is important, but its success rate still stands at about 30 percent. The advice? Focus less on campaigns with their start and end dates, and think in terms of long-term publishing meant to build your audience.
  11. Audiences want a user-friendly experience, and they increasingly want it on mobile. Overall visits to, and total time spent on, websites have continued to decline over the past 3 years, and smartphones are the reason why. The competition will be fierce to make sure your loyal following returns often to your site, enjoys the experience, and refers you to others.
  12. It’s not all about emerging technology. Businesses are learning that customer engagement starts at home – with happy employees. While it’s smart to focus on positive customer experiences, it’s important to apply those same principles to your staff.

Perhaps the best person to sum up the overriding themes of the summit was Saturday Night Live cast member, Kate McKinnon, who talked about learning to embrace what comes at you, the importance of improvisation and commitment and, finally, trust. As in comedy, you have to trust you’ll like your audience and that they, in turn, will trust you back – and reward you by becoming long-term, loyal customers.

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