2017: A Year In The Life Of JEMSU

Chris Sams, December 29, 2017

Ahhhh, nothing like the sound of phones ringing off the hook, the smell of fires being put out, and the feeling of mass panic as we finish off some 2017 marketing budgets here at JEMSU.

2018 should be an excellent year for us, but we’re most excited to reflect on our crazy year that was 2017.

Growth in Size

Where do we begin? Our goal of 2017 was to grow in service and size, and that we did. We’ve welcomed eight new employees to the team: Julia and Lee in our analyst department, Christian in our internal marketing and email department, Jaime in our SEO department, Byron in our paid media department, Joëlle in our social department, and Tamara to the account management/consultant department. Get to know everyone here.

Growth in Services

With a growing team comes more talent, and we really took a step outside of the JEMSU box to conquer anything and everything thrown our way. We spent some parts of 2017 designing new packages, directing photo shoots, flying to California to conduct live-action video shoots, creating storefront signs, and more. What we value most about these projects is building relationships with incredible clients and business concepts along the way. Not to mention the lessons we learned: To not only grow together, but to grow for and with our clients. We now offer and excel in many of the services our clients have needed (even if they didn’t know it) from the start. We’ve always wanted to fill that gap that we felt like was out of our hands. But now we give more than just advice, we execute.

Stepping Away from our Desks

For anyone that knows the JEMSU team on a more personal level, they know that we’re not just coworkers, we’re family. Seriously, we work together, some of us live together, we wine together, we dine together –  we do everything together. So our lives inside and outside of the office (oh yeah, did we mention we moved to a new, bigger, better office?!) are important to all of us here at JEMSU.

Nathan from our creative department spent his 2017 prepping for his wedding. He finally sealed the deal on October 5th, 2017. (Congrats, Nathan!)  and Elise from our analyst department turned Clufetos on September 3rd, 2017 with her husband, Alex (who is a designer elsewhere, we’ve learned to forgive her for that).

Shelby&Nate_wedding dayimage9

Ethan became a pup-dad and Chris Sams became a human boy-dad (but seriously, Wake Sams was born in July of this year). Christian went to Africa and made it back alive. Sasha went on her annual “Sasha’s-retreat-from-human-contact” to California, and Amanda decided to drive from Denver to Pennsylvania instead of flying (yeah, we don’t know why either). Julian rode his cruiser on the playa at Burning Man and we all hoped he would come back. Update: he came back.

We had a Thanksgiving potluck, a Halloween drink-a-thon, and we celebrated every birthday.


We hit 77 happy hours, Chris Sams won the ping-pong tournament, Adam lost in short shorts, and we really learned the virtue that is patience when dealing with our internet connection.


We almost went blind watching the solar eclipse on our roof, shot some Top Golf balls off a roof, and we are no longer being leaked on by our old roof.


All in All

We’ve had some laughs, some pain, some loss, and some gain – but we’ve stuck through it together with and for our clients.

From all of us at JEMSU, thank you for making this roller coaster of a year, our year. Now onto 2018!

EDIT: Brett Edgerly was upset he wasn’t featured. Here he is.

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