SEO is not dead, it is evolving!

03.28.14 ChristineImmel
If you have ever googled the phrase “Is SEO Dead” you have most likely come across an article by the same title by Forbes Magazine contributor Jayson DeMers.  In that article DeMers shared a conversation with Sam McRoberts , CEO of VUDU marketing,  McRoberts claimed that while SEO is far from dead, it is changing. […]
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Tips to start creating video today!

03.20.14 ChristineImmel
We have all heard the term “content is king”.  It is this phrase that propels many digital marketers to find new and interesting ways to create content.  Recently the trend has started to move away from the simple static content many digital marketers were creating and moving on to creating video content.   In fact […]
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Going digital

03.10.14 ChristineImmel
Every day millions of consumers flock to the internet looking for information on everything from restaurants reviews to the news.  The internet is so inundated with information, that it is easy for businesses to get lost in the fray.  Which is why many business are turning to experts in digital marketing to target prospective consumers […]
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A content marketers guide to getting past writer’s block

03.07.14 ChristineImmel
Content, content, content.  That is the mantra many digital marketers are learning to repeat.  One of the hardest aspects of creating relevant, original content is the actual writing of said content.   Writer’s block is a concept that many content marketers are familiar with.  No writer is immune to this concept, but the work still […]
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Negative Keywords: The Often Overlooked Step

02.24.14 Julian Pawley
Are you getting triggered impressions on non-relevant searches? Do you have keyword that when put in a particular sentence create an undesirable impression? Would you like to save money on irrelevant clicks that don’t convert, while increasing your click-through-rate (CTR) and your ad rank? Then it is now time you consider creating a negative keyword […]
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7 Rules For SEO Friendly Web Design

02.13.14 ChristineImmel
We have all heard the phrase ” You only can make a first impression once.”, this statement holds some water, especially when it comes to websites. For many consumers, a website is the first exposure to a business, which is why it is so important that your website makes a great first impression.  Aside from […]
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Is Google+ vital to digital marketing?

02.07.14 ChristineImmel
When Google launched their social networking site Google+, the powers that be hoped to surpass the success of Facebook. Unfortunately for Google this just didn’t happen.  While the success of Facebook has yet to be duplicated by any other social media site, Google+ has seen some success as a professional development network.  More user friendly […]
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What We Know After Panda, Penguin And Hummingbird

01.28.14 ChristineImmel
Over the past few years SEO and content marketers have weathered the aftermath of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. With each update Google pushed through SEO experts have had to reinvent the wheel to stay ahead of the game.   Those who refused to innovate were hit with penalties, some were even blacklisted from Google.  For […]
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Content Creation Made Easy

01.24.14 ChristineImmel
Recently Google’s Matt Cutts went on record and stated guest blogging is dead.  It is this announcement that has caused many content marketers to say finally. By removing guest blogging as an option it provides content marketers the opportunity to get creative with the content they create.  For many new to creating content, doing it […]
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The 5 Best Ads of 2013

01.23.14 Laine Bulakites
A large majority of the population claims to hate advertisements. I call shenanigans — people love good ads! Let me show you. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the next ~10-15 minutes of your life watching the 5 best ads of 2013. The Scarecrow – Chipotle Complete with a matching video game app, this ad from […]
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