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Tyler is the Official JEMSU™ Moustache-bearer. A writer specializing in content marketing and SEO, Tyler spends his free time exploring abandoned buildings, practicing fire performance, and reading poetry. His favorite poet is William Carlos Williams, and his favorite color is #1C352D. Tyler can write; he will write your websites, blogs, PPC ads, and if you are lucky, a good acrostic poem about you. Tyler can do SEO; he can optimize web pages and analyze search data like a boss. Some of Tyler's personal goals: to attract natural backlinks from Matt Cutts, Ben Thompson and George Ouzounian; to earn merit enough to have his own Wikipedia page; and to appear in one of those pointalist drawings in the Wall Street Journal.

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Internet Marketing: Providing SEO for Small Businesses

06.25.13 tyler
At JEMSU™, our brainstorming is centered around providing comprehensive solutions to the marketing problems of businesses both small and large.  As search engine algorithms evolve to deliver more effective local search results, your business’s website and that website’s search engine optimization (also known as SEO) are going to require careful monitoring and maintenance to ensure […]
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Microsoft Re-Updates: The Start Button in Windows 8.1

04.23.13 tyler
Many of us voiced our displeasure with the unfriendly and awkward interface in Windows 8.  Our voices have certainly been heard.  Microsoft’s most recent operating system brought with it myriad navigation changes that many described (lightly, I might add) as having “a steep learning curve.”  The lack of a start bar was enough to keep […]
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SEO Trends: 10 Steps to Awesome Content

02.25.13 tyler
Let’s begin with my personal assertion: I believe that from a user perspective, Content Generation & Sharing is the primary purpose of the internet.  Current SEO Trends have shown that the power of content is increasing as Google learns to interpret it more effectively.  How we generate and share that content is one of the […]
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SEO Trends: Mobile Search & Social Media

02.11.13 tyler
There are a great deal of questions that business owners pose when looking at the future.  Recently, many businesses are openly wondering:  What will happen to us if we do not make a legitimate investment in our online mobile branding efforts? Personally, I feel there is only one answer to this question, and it becomes […]
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Are we living in the end times? The Death of Search, the Birth of Discovery.

01.24.13 tyler
Thanks to a brief interview with the evocative Mark Schaefer, a fascinating idea that some of us have pondered has come into the foreground of my thoughts
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SEO Trends: Social Sharing as an Indicator of Content Quality

01.17.13 tyler
In 2013, the importance of social sharing to SERPs is poised to increase rapidly as Google understands something we all know intuitively: great content is (generally) the most shared content.  Thanks to a recent study by Jonah Berger and Katherine L. Milkman titled “What Makes Online Content Viral,” Google now has some data to create […]
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Search Engines and Content Creators: A Symbiosis

01.15.13 tyler
We all know that in 2013, we will continue to see higher quality SERPs as Google’s algorithm improves its ability to understand the difference between captivating content and dull, talentless drivel.  I believe that social sharing is one of the best indicators of the quality of your content.  I inferred this from personal experience.  Google […]
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